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“Am I the a**hole?”—Reddit user admits starting meat-only club at work in response to vegan one

A Reddit user has said they started a meat-only club at work in response to a vegan one taking place.

Unlucky_Sound_6040 took to the “AmITheAsshole” thread to get feedback on starting the club which he says involves visiting a different burger or steak place every week.

The anonymous poster said the launch of a vegan dinner club at his office “rubbed some of us the work way.”

He added:

The workplace soon became divided, but we opted not to file a complaint to HR. However, since the idea of a dinner club appealed to us, we started a “Burger and Steak Club” where we wanted to try a different burger or steak place every week.

In our statement of purpose, we stated that only meat-eaters could apply, due to this being both a culinary and lifestyle club.

Soon after, some of the potential members got called to HR to tell us that the members of the Vegan Diner Club filed a complaint with them, stating that our club was exclusionary, offensive to their lifestyle, and that eating meat (as opposed to not eating meat) was not a lifestyle. Despite this, the club passed with HR.

Since the launch of the meat-only club, the user says his colleague who started the vegan diner club—called “Jane”—refuses to talk to him.

The post finishes with the question, “after colleagues created an exclusive vegans-only club at work, I created a meat-eaters-only club at work. Am I the asshole?”

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