VGN events are coming to New York City and London this year with special guests, petty banter and a host or prizes and giveaways! We have four major options for our events and we are giving the power to you to decide which event type you would like to see in your city. Read the options below and follow us on social media to see how you can choose which event is headed your way.

Stay Petty.

The VGN Team


The fat episode. Provocative conversations about animal rights campaigning that involves fat shaming, diet culture, and body image. Do vegans overly concern themselves with health? Is health veganism inherently ableist because it reinforces claims of veganism healing degenerative or chronic conditions, and does it alienate populations of overweight people from the message?


The sex episode. Are you a vegan who likes having sex? Are you a queer vegan? Are you a vegan into kink? Did you ever wonder how or why humans integrated animal fetishism into sexual practices? What the hell is a furry...and can furries be vegan? Are you not even vegan at all, but these questions pique your interest? If that’s the case, then you belong at VGN SEX. Come learn about animal rights, veganism, and SEX. Expert panelists and vendors and panelists will share their wealth of knowledge on veganism…and sex.


The queer episode. Like VGN SEX...but wayyyyy gayer. Everything from how to source vegan products for intimacy, fish who have threesomes, animals who swap gender, and why sexual violence and bestiality are inherent parts of animal agriculture.


The feminism episode. Is pornography inherently antithetical to animal rights? What about sex work? Are ideas around animal agriculture being built on the exploitation of female exploitation outdated because reproductive justice should not be gendered?